Hints and Tips

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  2. Don’t allow children to play with candles.
  3. Always place candles on a heat-proof surface.
  4. To avoid smoking and dripping, avoid burning candles in a draft.
  5. Freezing candles will lengthen burning time and help prevent dripping.
  6. Always remove any debris from around the wick, and keep the wick trimmed for best results.
  7. Remove all labels before lighting.
  8. To remove candle wax from table linen, cover with a couple of plain paper towels and press with a hot iron, or place in freezer and wax will freeze and flake off.
  9. To increase candle flame, extinguish the candle and pour off excess wax into a rubbish bin, (never pour wax down a drain), allow a couple of minutes for wax to harden then relight.
  10. To decrease flame, trim wick to 1cm long.
  11. If the outer shell of your candle is not burning away (as on some of our larger candles), you can trim this by cutting it off with a sharp knife. It is best to do this immediately after blowing the candle out, at this time the wax is still soft and easier to cut. However do not cut the candle below the level of the exposed wick.

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