The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Candles

In the context of decor for your wedding, candles can create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Choosing the right candles can enhance the overall look and feel of your special day. From determining the right size and shape to selecting the perfect scent, this guide will help you navigate through the process of choosing the ideal wedding candles to suit your style and theme. Let’s dive in and discover how you can illuminate your wedding with the perfect candles.

Understanding the Types of Wedding Candles

To choose the perfect wedding candles for your special day, it’s important to understand the different types available. Here is a breakdown of the most popular wedding candle options:

Traditional Taper Candles

  • Elegant and classic, traditional taper candles are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your wedding décor.
  • Available in various colours and sizes, taper candles can be used in candelabras or as standalone centrepieces on tables.
  • This timeless choice creates a romantic ambiance and is ideal for traditional wedding settings.

Pillar Candles

Little more versatile than taper candles, pillar candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for both ceremony and reception décor.

Pillar candles are often used in unity candle ceremonies to symbolise the joining of two families or individuals. You can also personalise pillar candles with carvings, decorations or even your initials.

Votive Candles

Types of votive candles, on the other hand, are smaller in size but can make a big impact when clustered together. They are great for adding a soft, warm glow to your wedding venue.

Candles placed in decorative holders or adorned with ribbons can serve as beautiful favours for your guests to take home as a memento of your special day.

Tea Light Candles

Candles in tea light size are perfect for scattering around your venue to create an enchanting atmosphere. They can be placed in glass holders, lanterns or even floating in water for a magical effect.

This cost-effective option allows you to illuminate various areas of your venue without breaking the bank.

Floating Candles

The soft glow of floating candles can add a touch of elegance to your wedding venue. You can place them in bowls of water along with flowers or other decorative elements for a stunning visual impact.

Candles floating in water can create a serene and romantic feel, perfect for a dreamy wedding setting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wedding Candles

Now, let’s explore into the factors you need to consider when choosing wedding candles for your special day. Note, the candles you choose will play a significant role in creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding ceremony and reception.

  • Wedding Theme and Decor

    The first thing you should consider is your wedding theme and decor. Your candles should complement the overall style and colour scheme of your wedding. Whether you’re going for a romantic and whimsical look with pastel colours or a more modern and sleek aesthetic with metallic accents, make sure your candles align with the overall theme.

One important aspect to consider is the scent of the candles. You may want to choose scented candles that add an extra layer of ambiance to your venue. Just remember that some guests may be sensitive to strong scents, so opt for milder fragrances to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Venue and Ambiance

One of the key factors to consider when choosing wedding candles is the venue and the ambiance you want to create. Whether you’re having a grand celebration in a ballroom or a rustic outdoor affair, the size and layout of your venue will dictate the number and placement of candles.

Plus, think about the natural lighting in your venue. If you’re having an evening wedding, candles can enhance the romantic atmosphere and create a warm glow. Consider the different areas of your venue where you can place candles to create focal points and highlight key areas such as the altar or guest tables.

Budget and Cost

Now, let’s talk about budget and cost when it comes to choosing wedding candles. Candles come in a range of prices, so it’s crucial to determine how much you’re willing to spend on this aspect of your wedding decor. Consider the quantity of candles you’ll need, as well as any additional accessories such as holders or lanterns.

This is an area where you can get creative and find cost-effective options that still look elegant and beautiful. Consider mixing and matching different candle sizes and styles to create a unique and budget-friendly look for your wedding decor. Note, it’s not about how much you spend but how you incorporate candles into your overall wedding aesthetic.

Personal Style and Preference

Little touches like the style and shape of the candles can also reflect your personal taste and style. Whether you prefer traditional tapered candles, modern pillar candles, or whimsical floating candles, choose ones that resonate with you and your partner. These candles will not only enhance the ambiance of your wedding but also serve as a reflection of your unique style.

This personal touch will make your wedding candles not just a decorative element but a meaningful part of your special day. This is your opportunity to infuse your personality into your wedding decor and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Candles

After choosing your wedding theme and décor, the next step is to select the perfect candles to complement the ambiance of your special day. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal wedding candles:

Consider the Color Scheme

Assuming you have a specific colour scheme for your wedding, it’s crucial to select candles that fit cohesively with your chosen palette. Whether you opt for classic white candles for an elegant look or vibrant coloured candles to add a pop of colour, make sure they enhance the overall aesthetic of your venue. Keep in mind, candles can be a great way to tie your colour scheme together seamlessly.

Thou should also consider the season of your wedding – pastel shades work well for spring weddings, while rich, warm tones are perfect for autumn celebrations.

Think About the Scent

Any additional sensory elements can help create a memorable atmosphere for your wedding day. When choosing scented candles, make sure the fragrance complements rather than overwhelms the space. Delicate floral scents are perfect for romantic occasions, while crisp citrus notes can add a refreshing touch.

Candles with subtle scents can help set the mood and evoke emotions, enhancing your overall wedding experience.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

With so many options available, it’s crucial to consider the size and shape of your wedding candles. Taper candles are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to table settings, while pillar candles can create a striking focal point. Consider mixing and matching different sizes and shapes to add visual interest to your décor.

Colour coordinating candles of various sizes and shapes can create a visually appealing display that adds depth and dimension to your wedding décor.

Don’t Forget About Safety Precautions

While candles can create a romantic atmosphere, it’s crucial to prioritise safety on your wedding day. Opt for flameless LED candles for areas where open flames may pose a risk, such as near drapes or in high-traffic areas. Ensure that all candles are placed on stable, heat-resistant surfaces and keep them away from flammable materials.

Size also matters when it comes to candle safety – avoid placing candles in cramped or crowded spaces where they could easily be knocked over. Always keep an eye on lit candles and extinguish them before leaving the venue.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Wedding Candles

Unlike other wedding decorations, choosing the perfect wedding candles requires careful consideration and planning. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you select the ideal candles for your special day.

Research and Inspiration

Guide Your Task
Do thorough research Explore different candle styles, sizes, and colours to determine what suits your wedding theme best.
Seek inspiration Look at wedding magazines, online platforms, and social media for ideas on how candles can enhance your venue.

Create a Mood Board

Now, create a mood board to visualise how you want your wedding candles to look. Include images, colours, and styles that resonate with you. This will help you stay focused and make informed decisions when selecting your candles.

StepbyStep: Remember to consider your wedding theme, colour scheme, and the overall ambience you want to create with your candles while compiling your mood board.

Narrow Down Your Options

Even Your wedding candles
Consider the venue Think about the size and layout of your venue to determine how many candles you need and where they should be placed for maximum impact.

With these factors in mind, you can begin to narrow down your options and focus on candles that not only complement your theme but also enhance the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

On top of reading reviews online, don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or your wedding planner for recommendations on reputable candle suppliers. They may have valuable insights or know where to find the best quality candles for your special day.

Make a Final Decision

Another important factor to consider when choosing wedding candles is your budget. Some candles may be more expensive but offer higher quality or unique designs. Make sure to weigh your options carefully and choose candles that fit within your budget while still meeting your expectations.

Choosing the perfect wedding candles is a crucial part of creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for your special day. By following these steps, you can ensure that your candles not only look beautiful but also contribute to the overall ambience of your wedding celebration.

Pros and Cons of Different Wedding Candle Options

Keep in mind that each type of wedding candle has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To help you make an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of some popular wedding candle options:

Traditional Taper Candles
Advantages Disadvantages
Pillar Candles
Advantages Disadvantages
Votive Candles
Benefits Drawbacks
Tea Light Candles
Positives Negatives
Floating Candles
Advantages Disadvantages

Traditional Taper Candles: Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages

Any traditional taper candles can add a touch of elegance to your wedding decor. They come in various heights and colours, allowing you to customise them to fit your theme. However, taper candles can drip wax if not placed in a secure holder, which may cause a mess on your tablecloths or centrepieces.

Pillar Candles: The Good and the Bad

Little larger pillar candles are versatile and can stand alone as centrepieces or be grouped together for a more dramatic effect. They also burn longer than other types of candles. However, pillar candles can be more expensive than taper or votive candles, which could impact your overall budget.

Disadvantages When using pillar candles, keep in mind that they may not fit in all types of candle holders or lanterns, limiting your options for displaying them creatively.

Votive Candles: Examining the Benefits and Drawbacks

Good votive candles are small and versatile, making them perfect for scattering around your venue or using in decorative holders. They are also cost-effective and can burn for hours. However, the size of votive candles may require frequent replacement throughout the event to maintain a consistent look.

Candle To ensure votive candles burn evenly and safely, always place them in appropriate votive holders to prevent any wax spillage that could damage your decor.

Tea Light Candles: Considering the Positives and Negatives

Negatives Tea light candles are ideal for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere at your wedding. They are small, easy to handle, and relatively inexpensive. However, since they burn for a shorter time than other candles, you may need to replace them more frequently during the event.

Taper Make sure to place tea light candles in suitable holders to avoid any spills or accidents, especially if they will be placed on delicate surfaces or near flammable materials.

Floating Candles: Evaluating the Advantages and Disadvantages

While floating candles can add a unique and magical touch to your wedding decor, they require special containers or bowls filled with water for them to float. They can create a stunning visual effect, especially when combined with flowers. However, the burning time of floating candles is limited, so you may need to replace them throughout the event.

It is crucial to periodically check the water level in the containers holding floating candles to prevent them from burning out prematurely or causing any safety hazards.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wedding Candles

Not Considering the Venue’s Rules and Regulations

Wedding venues often have specific rules and regulations in place regarding the use of candles. Before you go ahead and choose your wedding candles, make sure you check with the venue to see if there are any restrictions. Some venues may not allow open flames or certain types of candles for safety reasons. By not considering the venue’s rules, you could end up with candles that you’re not allowed to use on the day of your wedding.

Ignoring the Season and Weather

Season and weather play a significant role in the effectiveness of your wedding candles. For example, if you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, tall pillar candles may not be the best choice as they could melt in the heat. Similarly, delicate floating candles might not work well in a windy outdoor setting. It’s vital to consider the season and weather conditions to ensure that your chosen candles will withstand the elements and create the desired ambiance.

Another factor to keep in mind is the scent of the candles. In hot weather, strong scented candles might be overpowering, while in cold weather, they may not disperse as well. Opt for subtle scents that complement the season and venue for the best effect.

Failing to Test the Candles Before the Big Day

Testing your wedding candles before the big day is crucial to avoid any last-minute surprises. Make sure you light each type of candle you plan to use to see how they burn and how long they last. This will also give you an idea of the brightness and the effect they create. By skipping this step, you risk having candles that don’t perform as expected, leading to a potential disaster on your wedding day.

Rather than leaving it to chance, take the time to test your candles in advance so that you can make any necessary adjustments and be confident in how they will look and function on your wedding day.

Not Having a Backup Plan

Despite your best efforts in selecting the perfect wedding candles, sometimes things don’t go to plan. It’s vital to have a backup plan in case any of your candles fail to work or are not suitable for the venue. This could involve having extra candles on standby, using alternative lighting options, or rearranging your candle setup if needed. By having a backup plan in place, you can ensure that any unexpected issues with your candles won’t derail your special day.

Weather can also impact your candles, especially if you have an outdoor wedding. Sudden changes in weather conditions such as wind or rain may extinguish flames or cause candles to burn unevenly. Having a backup plan that includes protecting your candles from the elements can save you from any candle-related disasters on your wedding day.


With these considerations in mind, you are now well-equipped to choose the perfect wedding candles for your special day. Remember to think about the style, colour, scent, and placement of the candles to create the romantic ambience you desire. Whether you opt for traditional taper candles, elegant pillar candles, or charming tea lights, your choice of wedding candles will add a touch of warmth and beauty to your ceremony and reception.

By following this ultimate guide, you can ensure that your wedding candles not only complement your decor and theme but also enhance the overall atmosphere of your celebration. Your carefully selected candles will not only illuminate your venue but also create a sense of intimacy and romance, making your wedding day even more magical and memorable.

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