Why are Fragrant Candles so effective?

Many people ask me why fragrant candles seem to be so effective in making their homes smell great and why are they proving so popular?

While I don’t think there is any magic answer, there are good reasons why fragrant candles do such a good job, as well as the wax, one of the main things a flame needs to keep burning is oxygen, as it burns it draws in oxygen, along with the oxygen it draws in any odours in the room so just a plain candle burning can be effective at removing bad odours or strong kitchen smells therefore a fragrant candle has a two fold effect, not only does it gently permeate the air with the beautiful fragrance you have selected, it also draws away any unwanted odours in the room.

Because the wax in a fragrant candle needs to be molten and hot to most effectively release the fragrance, the fragrance release can be controlled by how often, and how long you have it burning, this means that you can target the release of fragrance for an event such as a party or food preparation time in the early evening, therefore you should not get too used to the fragrance and be able to really enjoy it only when you want to.

Fragrance when sprayed can dissipate very quickly as it is usually heavier than air and falls to the ground, however when using a fragrant candle the heat from the flame keeps the air and fragrance rising so the fragrance continues to be released as long as the candle is burning. No mater how simple or complex the fragrance is the heat will continue to release it while the wax remains hot.

I hope this post goes someway to answering the question as to why fragrant candles are so effective, keep on burning those fragrant candles!